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In 2004 Wise Woman Events launched our first Wise Woman Weekend. It was a celebration to the Goddess spirit living in every woman. Women joined together as a female community honouring both the collective and individual beauty of women. It was a fledgling weekend designed to rekindle the deep connections of female energy, and it did, in ways that we could not have imagined.

Since that time Wise Woman Weekend has grown and evolved as women attend our yearly celebration. We are a safe place to be both vulnerable and strong. We are a safe place to explore, to stretch our personal boundaries to try something new. At the weekend we are able to expose our true selves: our hopes, our fears and our dreams.

Wise Woman Weekend involves much laughter, dance, storytelling and music. There can be sadness and sometimes there are some tears. Mostly though the sharing eclipses all. Whether it is through the exchange of information during a seminar, a story at the campfire, or a deeply meaningful confidence exchanged between friends during a quiet moment. That is what makes this weekend so meaningful. Sharing becomes the binding thread of our community. It is that same thread that extends to include all other undertakings of Wise Woman Events.

There are several other projects which Wise Woman Events has under way. Journey through Grief is an ongoing project providing an opportunity for movement and healing through the grieving process. This group is ongoing and meets in smaller numbers in order to foster the meaningful bonds needed to move through the grieving process.

Authentic Beauty is another project developed by Wise Woman Events. This project involves girls and women of all ages. The focus of this project is the healthy development of positive self – esteem and leadership skills throughout all the stages of the female life. We provide age appropriate day seminars to girls, teens and women of all ages.

Over the course of the seminar we explore opportunities for each age group to explore layers of feelings and thoughts regarding personal identity, peer groups and society as a whole. We explore meaningful ways to assess and engage with one another and the world around us in order to better support both ourselves and others. Communication is the bases of community, and every interaction is an integral component of community. Authentic Beauty places emphasis on the understanding that all actions have meaning and create a reaction. It is important to be cognisant of our thoughts, feelings and actions and to be accountable and responsible for our behaviour at all times.

As Wise Woman Events continues to grow and evolve we invite you join with us on this journey. So collect a thread and weave yourself into the fabric of this ever evolving, growing community of Goddess energy.

With much love,

Elizabeth Runciman

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